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Serenity Holistic Wellness
The Art of Relaxation – Fulfillment and Wellbeing
by Fabienne

Welcome to Your Destination Harmony

Welcome to Destination Harmony holistic wellness where relaxation, rejuvenation, well-being, empowerment and fulfillment are experienced at all levels of physical, emotional, and soul possibilities. Experience the Art of Caring

Serenity Experience

The Art of Relaxation – Youth and Radiance



Fabienne has been an Aesthetician, Hypnotherapist, Energy Healing Practitioner for over 30 years; passionately creating beauty and harmony using innovative Skin Care technology and Holistic Wellness methods. 

Fabienne Marneau founder of Destination Harmony Holistic Wellness and Heart Soul Therapy is an American Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Californian Licensed Aesthetician, Certified Spiritual Counselor, Life Coach, Certified Energy Healing Practitioner for Palmtherapy®, ATP®, ThethaHealing®, Spiritual Dowsing, Timeline Therapy, ERT (Emotional Release Therapy) and Spiritual Feng Shui specialist. Fabienne is a natural artist medium offering Soul paintings, Success Manifestation Mindset Coaching, and international self-actualization seminars called Freedom Lifestyle.

We Love Spa & You

The Art of Caring & Empowerment

Destination Harmony – A definitive Spa Collection

Experience the secrets to natural youth, relaxation and vitality combine with de-age skin care products, kangen ionized alkaline water, anti-aging LED Light Toning Facial and body sculpturing treatments.

Why ChoosingDestination Harmony?

Only natural products 100% safe for your skin are used at Destination Harmony and the most advanced technologies from Europe.


Welcome you to the healing, empowering and creative world of Destination Harmony. 


Day Spa

Destination Harmony Day Spa services will bring beauty and wellbeing to your lifestyle. Experience deep relaxation and rejuvenation within your body, mind and soul. De-stress, recover youth and learn the skills of ultimate beauty from our experts and new advanced technology. 


Energy Healing

 Heart Soul Therapy is an alternative medicine combining energy healing modalities, mind reprogramming,  Timeline Hypnotherapy and spiritual counseling.


 Freedom Lifestyle seminars and self-actualization retreats empower you to find your life purpose and true passion; manifest your dreams and experience fullfilment. 




Destination Harmony mission is to facilitate youth, radiance, rejuvenation, self-healing, empowerment and creativity at all level of your body, mind and soul.  Fabienne Marneau founder of Destination Harmony and Heart Soul Therapy invites you to realize the highest possibilities of your destiny through holistic natural healing therapies, spiritual self-actualization, empowerment and inspired art soul therapy.

You are invited to experience inner peace, physical and emotional wellbeing, fulfillment and joy from Heart Soul Therapy methods. Fabienne founder and practitioner of Heart Soul Therapy offers private in office and phone sessions as well as mindset coaching, retreats and “Freedom Lifestyle” seminars.

Destination Harmony offers NES Health and BEMER Therapy sessions to enhance natural energy flow in both humans and pets.

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