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Meet Fabienne Marneau

A vibrant, free seeker of harmony, Fabienne Marneau uses a combination of holistic methods to restore physical and mental balance, up-lifting stress, and anxiety to promote emotional wellbeing and inner peace. As a result making any goal easy to achieve with self-confidence, purpose, faith, and clarity.

“I consider myself to be essentially an Alchemist Metaphysician whose destiny is to activate a seed (the etymologic meaning of my name, Fabienne) planted into my clients and students’ mind, heart, and soul to share the wonders of Being. The purpose of such a seed is to stimulate the awakening of the soul through healing – empowerment, and creation. The fruits of the experience are serenity, freedom, clarity of purpose, fulfillment, and joy.” Fabienne.

Fabienne Marneau, Certified Hypnotherapist, and Energy Healing Practitioner is the founder of Destination Harmony, Heart Soul Therapy, and Freedom Lifestyle Programs.

Heart Soul Therapy integrates various holistic modalities such as ERT (Emotional Release Therapy), Timeline Life Regression, Palmtherapy, Theta Healing, Spiritual Dowsing, Angel Therapy, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, DNA Activation, guided visualization, and mind-reprogramming recordings.

Fabienne’s Soul Paintings and Spiritual Feng Shui clear negative patterns and help manifest complete freedom, harmony, and success.

Spiritual Feng Shui
Based on Feng Shui tradition and philosophy, you can create an environment that anchors the vision of your heart’s desire and is supported by the Universal Laws of energy.
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Healing Therapies
Get to the cause of your challenges, heal your past emotional burdens, and redesign your future inflow consciousness with high energy, self-confidence and peace. The Time is Now!

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