BEMER Therapy for Anxiety and Memory

Imagine for a moment laying in your bed, not able to fall asleep. Thoughts rushing to your mind telling you the worst stories ever. Yes! a real panic attack, uncontrollable. Well, this happened to me several months ago at the point that I thought having an imminent heart attack in the middle of the night. I could not breathe, pain in my chest, I got up to catch my breath, looking at my husband ready to wake him up to go to the emergency room at the closest hospital. Then I managed with difficulties to lay on my BEMER device and put the large (B-Sit) unit on my chest. I slowly was able to breathe, feeling less anxiety. I fell asleep like a miracle to awake in the morning peaceful, like normal. Since that day, the anxiety and chest pain disappeared. When I saw this video from Dr. Catherine Onuoha PHD, RPH, BCPP, CPH who had personal improvement with her memory, I had to share with you…

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