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How would you like to be Invincible? Would you like to break free from personal blocks and manifest more success and joy into your life? Find and leave your true passion and life purpose!

Master the steps to manifestation: The Blueprint of Your Success…

“Breaking Through Barriers Manifestation Seminar” will guide you to be in Flow of Creativity by staying conscious of your intent to utilize the Field of Infinite Possibilities (Akashic Field) and trust Divine guidance. Such process will reveal clearly the mystery of your Destiny.

Fabienne Marneau, CH founder of Destination Harmony in an inspiring Success Manifestation series with a workshops that teaches how to break free from limiting belief system and personal blocks.

Do you feel stuck in your mind-set, experiencing at times self-sabotaging, low self-esteem, confusion, lack of purpose and passion?

Fabienne Marneau, CH will guide through relaxing altered-state of consciousness to better understand why you had limiting believes or karmic blocks that are affecting your creativity, success or happiness.

Blocks come from a variety of sources: social, physical,  mental, emotional or spiritual; but the real cause originates from your belief system  and past cell memories. Join BREAKING DOWN BARRIERS seminar to blast through anyblocks you might be struggling with, and finally overcome them. Experience freedom once and for all and unleash your power with intentional purpose. See article on Power of Intent.

Benefits of Be Invincible Seminar:

  • Have a clear picture of where you are now physically and emotionally with NES Bio-Energetic Scan (See check-out GIFT)

♦    Find out with clarity your Passion and Life Purpose with confidence.

♦    Release mental blocks such as self-sabotaging behaviors, doubting yourself, or feeling unworthy using Time Line Therapy and mind-reprogramming.

♦   Get rid of stress, destructive cell memories using DNA activation and NES Bio-Energetic.

♦   Release emotional blocks and trapped emotions such as past painful situations and fears that keep you from moving forward and finding success in your relationships or career with Emotional Release Therapy.

♦    Attune with new frequencies Creative Field of Possibilities to manifest exactly what you want.

Here is a testimonial from previous participant:
My fears of failure are gone and I have so much more clarity in regards to the next steps to take. I can’t tell you the relief that I feel now.
Thank you Fabienne!
Blessings, Donna 


Limited seats, so hurry up to register!
Breaking Through Barriers Seminar 
When: Thursday January 14th 2016 at 6:45 pm – 9 pm
Where: Awakenings, 25260 La Paz Road. Laguna Hills, Ca 92653
Fees:  $35 prepaid online; $40 at the door Including FREE Bio-Energetic Scan! ($97 value)

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♦ Please wear comfortable clothing, bring a notepad, pillow, a blanket and a bottle of mineral water for healing.

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