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Destination Harmony 

Located at Phenix Salon Suites

23600 Rockfield, Blvd. 2C – Suite 143

Lake Forest, CA 92630

Book an appointment by phone: (949) 294-9893 

I’m here for you I’m here for you As a certified aesthetician, hypnotherapist, energy healing practitioner, BEMER partner and mindset coach, I can answer any questions you may have to improve your quality of life, learn how to distress, relax, be fit or find your passion for a successful life and, better yet, demonstrate the amazing power of Heart Soul Therapy energy healing, mind reprograming and BEMER therapy to you in person. Schedule a visit at my office for a life changing experience that can take you from chaos to harmony, discomfort to peace and anxiety to fulfillment. Please use this form to contact me or make an appointment. Fabienne