Stress Free Solutions

One on One Stress-Free Session and Freedom Lifestyle Online Course offers solutions to stress, burn-out, anxiety  and PTSD

The Gift of Emotional Freedom!

Imagine starting the day excited about the new day ahead of you.  knowing what steps to take for each task, projects, and goals to be successful. 

one on one session

$225 (Gift Cards available)

One on One Healing Breakthrough

  • European Signature Facial to restore radiance, youth, and hydration to the skin with peptides, marine collagen and enzyme treatments.

  • Eyebrows shaping when needed.

  • Rejuvenating LED Light anti-wrinkles eye contouring.

  • Firming & toning LED Light Body Contour.

  • Relaxation with lavender/eucalyptus essential oils & hot stones neck and shoulders.

  • Exfoliating hands, arm & foot scrub, followed by reflexology aromatherapy moisturizing massage.

  • Complimentary Lips/Eyes semi-permanent New-Look makeup application.

One on One session

$225 (Gift Cards available) 

Freedom Lifestyle Online Course

  • Deluxe Signature European Facial to purify, detox, and hydrate the skin.

  • LED Light rejuvenation for anti-wrinkles and eye contouring.

  • Relaxation with aromatherapy & hot stones neck and shoulders reflexology massage.

  • Eyebrow shaping when needed.

  • Aromatherapy Foot Reflexology Massage

  • BEMER Therapy



$350 (Reg.$450)

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