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Success Manifestation Series

Facilitated by Fabienne Marneau, CH

Would you like to manifest more health, love and wealth into your life?

Scientific research from all over the globe now agree that the cause of all disease is stress. Success Vs. Chaos depends upon your level of stress >>

Once you understand the hologram of your life structure, you will find the key that will open the lock of your heart and soul, leading to the Doorway to Abundance & Prosperity
In a state of “flow” consciousness welcoming the Divine or Life Force you will manifest infinite possibilities of Abundance and success.

  • Get rid of self-doubt, fear, trapped emotions, destructive cell memories and negative self-talk 
  • Find your passion and trust your divine guidance
  • Identify your life purpose and your core values
  • Eliminate your personal blocks or self-sabotaging behaviors in regards to your health, relationships and finances and replace them with effective and powerful strategies to finally be successful
  • Take back control of your life doing things that you dreamed of
  • Manifest greater prosperity and a more secure future
  • Become more authentic in all your relationships and choices
  • Tap into the Creative Field of Possibilities to manifest your life purpose 
  • Become the person who you always wanted to be, invincible and self-assure 

~ Acknowledging the good that is already in your life…is the foundation for all abundance ~  “A New Earth” ~ Eckhart Tolle

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Fabienne  Marneau,  CH

 Clinical Hypnotherapist        Energy Healing Practitioner  Spiritual Counselor          Medium Artist  –  Soul Writer

Testimonials    Dear Fabienne,
Liberation or freedom, that is truly how I feel and it is such a gift! Thank you so much for facilitating that healing for me.

Since the dna/cell wall healing I have experienced such a lightness of being, and I was delighted to hear you say, “it is permanent”. My inner landscape has shifted completely in astounding ways, and now that shift is beginning to spill over into the physical world as well. I am so blessed.

Now my daughter and I fall asleep each night listening to your lovely French accent on the Healing With Mother Earth meditation.

Thank you so much for your generous and gifted guidance and healing! I look forward to attending more workshops! With Love,Melinda

≈ DNA Activation & Vision Mapping  ≈
 at Awakenings – 6:45 pm

Join founder, Fabienne Marneau, CH of Destination Harmony in an empowering workshop that teaches how to become who you are meant to be: creative, confident, successful and joyful. Master visualization to create a powerful Treasure Mapping that will support your journey.
Benefits of the DNA ACTIVATION & VISION MAPPING seminar:

♦  Disappearance of chronicle pain, worries, stress and anxiety using mind-reprogramming and DNA activation

♦  Release negative beliefs and replace them with creative insights using Time Line Therapy and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

♦ Release emotional blocks and trapped emotions such as past painful memories and fears that keep you from moving forward and finding success in your relationships or careerwith Emotional Release Therapy.

♦  Heal karmic blocks and negative cell memories.

♦  Unleashes your self-power with intentional purpose. See article on Power of Intent.

♦   Get a clear picture first in your mind, than on a vision Map to create an archetype able to connect you with your life purpose with clarity  and passion

♦ Improve  communications in all your relationships (love, business, friendships)

♦ Take action following your vision with self-confidence and  attract more abundance and financial freedom

♦ Be open to synchronicity of infinite possibilities for success with enthusiasm

♦ Feeling of freedom, self-confidence, peace and hope

♦ Raise vital energy, reset frequency to a much higher level

♦ Creativity, and ease to take action

♦ Synchronicity attracting new opportunities , abundance, joy and enthusiasm

♦  Immerse your soul with self-less higher dimensions of joy, peace and harmony

♦ Master the art of visualization to finally manifest what you REALLY WANT out of your life

~ You are healing the past through the present moment transforming your future by activating your DNA for health, peace, joy or even prosperity. The art of vision mapping is the seed of your success. The more vibrant and clear your vision, the faster your desire will manifest, reshaping the landscape of your destiny. ~   Fabienne

The Time is Now!