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 “Finding the Soul Gifts of your Life Purpose”

Facilitated by Fabienne

With the aid of Finding Your Gifts Seminar you will:

  • Access your Akashic record (Karmic Blueprint) to understand both your talents and limitations
  • Be empowered to accomplish changes for a better future
  • Understand who are the other players in your relationships to be more successful and learn to trust or chose better partners in business and personal life
  • Find inner-peace and strength leading to more creative insights
  • Make a plan of action to keep developing those gifts
  • “Visit Heaven” to connect easily with your Higher-Self and access your source of wisdom.
  • Project forward to explore significant life events that are yet to unfold in your future to guide you make healthy decisions

This seminar will answer many of your questions if you have ever:

  • Knew how to do something without learning the trade before?
  • Felt that you knew and even loved a perfect stranger?
  • Had a deep connection to an ancient civilization?
  • Been drawn to a different place in time?
  • Had a fear, however had no reference?
  • Felt like you never belonged here?

Fabienne Marneau, CH will guide through relaxing altered-state of consciousness to better understand why you had limiting believes or karmic blocks that are affecting your creativity, success or happiness.

As part of the session you will experience Time Line Therapy in a Regression  mode to understand your karmic blueprints and to heal undesirable patterns. Read more in  Creative Field of Possibilities Article.

Here is a testimonial from previous participant:
“The seminar was amazing! I felt very heavy, and burdened when I arrived. But as I ventured into each hypnotic journey, it became quite clear to me why I have made the choices I have made in my life, and the purpose of the challenges I have faced up to now. Especially, when I visited the Arkachic chamber to see my life contract, that was a life-altering experience! And, now that I have been to my healing chamber, and know how to remove all burden and doubt, I use it quite often when I go to bed to rejuvenate me for the next day. I learned so much about myself, my life path, and my relationships with family and friends.

Thank you very much, Fabienne, for helping me through this journey! Love, Greta”


Preparation for the workshop: Please wear comfortable clothing, bring a pillow and a warm blanket, a note pad and a bottle of mineral water for healing purpose. Be prepared to explore a world of wonders and rainbows.
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 Limited seats, so hurry up to register! 
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