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Heart Soul Therapy

Fabienne Marneau founder of Destination Harmony created Heart Soul Therapy to integrate holistic alternative medicine techniques such as energy healing, hypnotherapy mind-reprogramming and spiritual guidance.

Heart Soul Therapy Modalities
Fabienne Marneau founder of Heart Soul Therapy invites you to realize the highest possibilities of your destiny through holistic natural healing therapies, spiritual self-help empowerment and inspired creativity

Heart Soul Therapy holistic alternative medicines includes:

  • NES Bio-Energetic – Now available in the USA after 30 years of Quantum physics research, NES Bio-energetic regulate the energetic field with a non invasive MyHealth devise and Infoceuticals according to NES scan.
  • Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression Therapy to find the cause of present emotional blocks or health challenges; Time Line Therapy to clear Post Traumatic Syndromes, help find solutions; Emotional Release Therapy.
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy successful for smoking cessation weight control without dieting, rejuvenation, forever young anti-age system, stress free, and relaxation.
  • Palmtherapy for traumatic memories, grief, phobias is a mind programming healing technique also efficient when working with children.
  • Crystal Therapy to harmonize and clear Chakra; Therapeutic Dowsing and Telepathic Healing. 
  • Fabienne expertise as Aesthetician (Skin Care specialist) and Energy Practitioner combined with a genuine passion for beauty, art and wellness make the experience of rejuvenation, relaxation and even healing a real pleasure and comfort for the body, mind and soul. 



There are seven conditions to complete healing:

  1. Being aware on a conscious level that you need healing or to change behavior. You give yourself permission to release the emotion, addiction, life circumstances that no longer serve your purpose. See article: Destiny
  2. Being willing to take responsibility for your life and where you are at the moment. The victim mentality is a trap to exile you from any possibility of self-liberation.
  3. Understand the learning brought by your challenge, the Karmic reason for your choices and circumstances, the meaning of the lesson attached to that experience
  4. Forgive yourself and everybody involvedin the situation that needs to be improved. Resentment and guilt are poison to the heart. Forgiveness is the only way out of emotional suffering. Angelic Guidance  is very useful in this process as very often the subject is not ready to forgive yet. Forgiving self appears to be the most difficult thing to do. See article: ” Healing is Forgiveness”.
  5. “Let go, let God” attitude. Zen philosophy: Let go of the need to be right. Accept what is. Let go of all resistance, including self-judgment.Remember that “where your attention goes, energy flows”: what you think is what you have drawn into your life. Loving thoughts will bring loving experiences,etc.
  6. Faith.To receive the grace of healing you need to believe in your ability to co-create with the Divine.

See article: There is always a solution

7.   Gratitude. With a heart full of gratitude you can manifest miracles.
Infuse all your senses with full confidence, faith, trust and joy to receive the Grace of Healing, the ultimo gift of Peace.


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LED Light Facial, Body Contour Light and Bemer EMF Therapy

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LED Light Facial, Body Contour Light and Bemer EMF Therapy
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