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Healing your energy field is now possible with NES (Nutra Energetic System). You will learn how to correct distortion of energy in your body field and raise intuition at the same time. 

Finally science and metaphysics merge to give us a new alternative of holistic medicine and wellness!
NES Provision scan issue of Quantum Physics research give the blueprint of the body energetic field and mind holograms. Based on the informations from the scan, MyHealth session, we can realign and strengthen the energetic field and modify the magnetic system of individuals as well as animals. Discover how Nes Bio-energetic can help you be healthier and emotionally 


​Cowgirl was falling asleep while receiving her MyHealth session at the barn. Our animals friends  can clear their energetic system to be back in balance the same way than humans. You can book an appointment to scan your dog, cat or horse within a week notice for availibility.


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What the ancient called the “aura” and the “meridians” are now described and studied as the matrix and morphic fields. We now know that time is one of the realities that these fields contains. This is why intuition such as premonitions and prophecies are actually abilities to tap into the field of time. The hologram of our consciousness can be accessed through a truly magnificent and complex system. All thoughts being energy, we also can modify our energy field with more loving, peaceful and joyous attitudes, intentions and greater self-expression. This system also explains why meditation and prayers have real healing powers. 

Learn how to harmonize your energy field and develop your own personal intuition using NES Energetic System with Fabienne Marneau, founder of Heart Soul Therapy and Certified Hypnotherapist Intuitive Aromatherapy Specialist, Energy Healing Practitioner, Life Coach and Spiritual Counselor. 

Since intent gives direction to our journey, choices are essential to succeed in any of our goals of healthy life style, relationships, and greater opportunities in all areas of our life. To increase freedom into our free-will and set the intention, Fabienne will guide you through a spiritual guided visualization supported by specific essential oils that will open doors to your subconscious mind. Healing your Energy Field is a true transformational experience full of resources that are available within you when you know how to access and activate them.
The following is just a brief overview of the NES amazing natural energetic support for pain, anti-aging, digestive issues, emotional blockages, chronic illnesses, nerve damage, after sport rejuvenation, sports injuries, TMJ, sleep issues, stress and anxiety, arthritis, auto immune issues, weight control…

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