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Let us customize a program to fit your wellness goals for rejuvenation, wellbeing, and de-stress relaxation.

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The Art Of Radiance

Deeply holistic, Destination Harmony Skin Care protocols offer anti-aging rejuvenation, acne solutions, hydrating effect, firming and relaxing yet uplifting care. Our natural sea marine Phytomer skincare products and body signatures treatments from France will bring youth and wellbeing to your body mind and soul.

De-stress, rejuvenate and learn the skills of ultimate beauty from Fabienne’s expertise. For more than 30 years, the French rejuvenation specialist and Hypnotherapy/Healing Therapies practitioner, Fabienne Marneau, has been embodying professional expertise entirely dedicated to beauty, self-actualization, and well-being. Destination Harmony Radiance Body & Facial treatments from advanced LED Light technology and PHYTOMER natural marine skincare are distinguished by exclusive avant-garde professional effectiveness for instantly visible and scientifically-proven results.

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