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Destination Harmony’s Healthy Lifestyle Program begins with a stress-relief relaxation class providing a profound experience of self-healing.

Stress is part of our daily life whether we like it or not. The best way to deal with this is to learn how to co-operate with it and make healthy choices that reduce the impact of stress on our nervous system.  Relaxation is the key to sustain physical health and mental well-being in our modern over-active lifestyle.

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The Papillon Transformational Method will inspire you to open your mind to new possibilities of health and personal achievements. You will learn tools that you will be able to use every day in a very fast and easy way. Fabienne 30 years of experience in the healing field will teach you how to let go of physical stress and any pain and anxiety. You will learn to raise your frequency and awareness leading to a greater sense of wellness and joy.

Fabienne Marneau, Certified Clinical & Transpersonal Hypnotherapist specializing in Spiritual Counseling and Business & Life Coaching will guide you to find clarity, balance and inner peace using ERT (Emotional Relief Therapy) and other holistic mind-reprogramming techniques of alternative medicine.

The Relaxation/De-Stressing Class follows guided visualization, auto suggestions and mind-reprogramming affirmations to transform old beliefs that no longer serve you. The experience of gratitude and reverence will bring forth increased self-confidence and a deeper level of inner peace.

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Facilitator: Fabienne Marneau, CH Board Certified Hypnotherapist specializing in Time Line Therapy and ERT (Emotional Release Therapy), Energy Healing Practitioner and Spiritual Counselor, founder of Destination Harmony, and Heart Soul Therapy