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Dear Fabienne, 
Thank you so much for the seminar. It was a tremendous experience for me. You truly touched me. I greatly appreciated your work with the crystals and the trance work.

I was surprised by my emotions regarding my inner child and was slightly embarrassed. I had been through counseling in my early 20’s and thought I was over the hurt. I thought I had already forgiven my mother. In my early 20’s and I have continued to feel strongly that regardless of our childhood we are makers of our own destiny, and I was not going to carry these things. I guess I just blocked them instead of healing them. Ever since I was a child I have been very intuitive about other people and felt their emotions as my own, which became overwhelming, and I learned to block this as well. I now see the value of this and wish to release these blocks I have created myself.

I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity and experience. It was an absolute pleasure.

Love and Gratitude!

Dear Fabienne,

Thank you for the wonderful, wonderful exquisite Treasure Map workshop and healing yesterday. It was very beautiful and magical. Your singing voice was  and I am trying to remember it – it was so hauntingly beautiful. It is deeply healing. I look forward to the Abundance class and was so glad to reconnect with you again. I truly appreciate the healing and support you gave me – thanks for the gift.


” Fabienne,
My Flow is back! I had two opportunities to speak before my teams this week and the connection and spirit has been restored. I am humbled by your work and grateful that you are in my life. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with those who are ready for healing. You are an amazing channel of healing and grace.
Thanks again from the bottom of my heart!”

“Hello Dear Fabienne. I’m very thankful about what I learn in this workshop, and I know it influences my life positively. Thank you very much for every thing you are doing to help me,I really appreciate your presence in my life, because now I can have different perspectives on all things. Thank You!”
With Admiration and Respect.
Patricia Flores
Hi Fabienne! I just wanted to thank you for last evening…this seminar was amazing! I definitely want to do the 90-day program…I’m very excited about it and can’t wait! I also wanted to tell you that you have such an amazing and beautiful voice…definitely God coming through.
“Thank you so much for all you do. I really appreciate your spirit and gifts that you readily share with the world. You are a blessing!”
Debbie Barnett, speaker, workshop leader, coach
“Dear Fabienne,
Thank you for the great workshop! I feel much more self-confident. I believe that I saw what was the block that was keeping me away from accomplishing my financial success. I also got rid of the guilt of having done wrong with my money when I was younger.

I gained more self-confidence and I really enjoyed your teachings, wisdom, warmness, and great sense of humor. I understood as you said, how much I do know, and how much I can accomplish in my life.

Thank you for been AN ANGEL ON EARTH for each one of us and dedicate yourself with so much Love to all of us.”
Maribel (loan officer)
“The seminar was amazing! I felt very heavy, and burdened when I arrived on the first day, and, as at previous workshops, unable to identify my life purpose. This has greatly frustrated me for a very long time. But as I ventured into each hypnotic journey, it became quite clear to me why I have made the choices I have made in my life, and the purpose of the challenges I have faced up to now. Especially, when I visited the arkachic chamber to see my life contract, that was a life-altering experience! And, now that I have been to my healing chamber, and know how to remove all burden and doubt, I use it quite often when I go to bed to rejuvenate me for the next day. I learned so much about myself, my life path, and my relationships with family and friends, I would urge anyone to take advantage of the opportunity this seminar offers
Thank you very much, Fabienne, for helping me through this journey!”
Love, Greta
Thank you Fabienne for the seminar on Prosperity. My fears of failure are gone and I have so much more clarity in regards to the next steps to take. I can’t tell you the relief that I feel now.
Blessings, Donna 

Spiritual Counseling & Coaching Testimonials
“Hi Fabienne,
I just wanted to sathanky  you for the session we had with you. That night, I did a complete page (three columns) of affirmations on forgiveness, grace, and dignity, and I feel I’ve finally opened a new door.

I appreciate the time you spent on both of us, and appreciate your sincerity.”
Take care, Andrea


Here is a testimonial done after 2 years of Coaching by phone:
“Before we started coaching in 2004, our finances and marriage relationship were very unstable. One of our business endeavors was putting us into extreme debt.

My husband and I were growing apart; he was always angry. I had little to no support from him. We decided to sell the business for a fraction of what we paid for it. We ended up owing lots of money. This caused much resentment in our marriage towards each other.

We started our coaching and Fabienne helped us to work together as a couple, putting our differences aside to save our marriage and family. My husband and I are now best of friends and we look towards our future together. My husband respects my interests and supports me in all I do. I changed carrier after selling the business that did not work and we are now able to pay off all our bills with ease.

This is how I felt in the past: desperate, alone, confused, sad, controlled, depressed and trapped.

Now I feel: happy, whole, confident, ready for life’s challenges, able to speak my mind.

We are so thankful that we were shown by Fabienne what really matters in our lives, each other and our family together. Her support and encouragements helped us to take responsibilities without blaming each other. We now believe that we can achieve our dreams.”