Crystal Therapy

“The first time Fabienne worked with me with the crystal I was very unsure of what was going to happen. But she made me feel comfortable and relaxed. She worked with the crystal to unblock my creativity in my art work. On the way home after the first session I felt very relaxed and calm. The next week I was able to start on a painting that I had been putting off for months because I had been very unsure of how to do it.

The next time that we worked together with the crystal we found that the areas that had been blocked were far less than before. In fact it was several hours later in the day that a total feeling of happiness and relaxation came over me. I knew then that the power of the crystal was working still. The crystal has also helped in reducing and gradually eliminating the pain in my hand and foot that I received from a fall.

People have now noticed a big difference in my art work and how it seems to have more light and energy than ever before. Fabienne has helped me to open up and become more comfortable with accepting help and compliments about my work. I am always looking forward to each new painting that is before me now.

She has been wonderful in helping me to understand myself and my art. Thank you so much Fabienne for your healing insight and help. You are an amazing person!”

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