Dear Fabienne,
I have been suffering for two and a half years with serious back pain at a level 13 of pain. My doctors told me the pain level only goes to 10 and I said, “well, I’m at a 13″. I had consulted a Pain Specialist and was given steroid shots in my back, which did nothing. I saw a neurosurgeon and was told I would need back surgery. I had not mentioned my pain to Fabienne because we were good friends and I did not want to bother her with my problem, but when she saw me barely able to walk and limping in pain; she said something to me. I told her all about my back problems and she immediately said I do not need surgery. She said she would do a treatment of Palmtherapy for me. I said sure and away we went. An hour later, I immediately felt relief from the pain I had experienced continuously. For over 25 days, I had zero pain. It was unbelievable that I went from 13 to 0. I received a second treatment 4th of July weekend and continue to feel great. I would highly recommend this treatment, it doesn’t hurt like steroid shots where they put you to sleep and put needles in your back.”

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