Remote Healing

“Thank you, Fabienne, for the remote healing dowsing session for my dear cat, Ninnie. As you know, she suffered from terrible nightmares almost all her adult life. When she slept, she would shake and meow with scared little whimpers and wake up suddenly, disoriented and very frightened. She would find me, and come and snuggle her cheek on top of mine and hold me close, like a child, until I could calm her. I could tell she was scared and distraught.
After our remote healing session, she was like a new kitty. She was fearless, and would run around, play, and be inquisitive, just like when she was a kitten.
She sleeps well, and I can tell her spirit is fresh and lighthearted. We both thank you so much.”
xoxo-Andrea and Ninnie

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