“Fabienne’s soul paintings have a very distinctive and bold style. I love how her colors just come out of the painting beckoning you to understand why they are there. You feel the meaning in every brushstroke. It is clear that these images are of other worlds and other times that we all can tap into and you get just a little bit closer through Fabienne’s work. One of my favorite elements is how she captures and interprets angelic beings as splashes of color and light. Those are my favorites!”

—  Simone Chapman, 

       Editor & Graphic Designer

I get compliments everyday on how young and vibrant I look

“Everyday I get a compliment on my skin and how much younger I look. Fabienne also helped me for over 19 years now to stay fit and pain-free from allergies and arthritis. Her healing gifts and expertise are phenomenal.”

Kathleen B.

I appreciate your spirit

“Thank you so much for all you do. I really appreciate your spirit and gifts that you readily share with the world. You are a blessing!”

Debbie Barnett,

speaker, workshop leader, coach


Looking My Best Everyday! 

“Because of the facials and skin care advice I received from Fabienne, I look in the mirror and am still happy with what I see! She even helped me with my body image and in doing my makeup! At this point in time, I am living outside of the US and she still gives me advice and sends me products. I am lucky enough to be working with someone with so much experience and who takes the time and effort to help me look my best! I am very grateful to you, Fabienne!”

Monica R.

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